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Madison & Wall 2023 In Review: Most Popular Posts of the Year

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Agency Holdcos: In-Housing's Limited Threat While Other Factors = Bigger Risks To Growth

Amazon+Diamond, TV Sports Advertising and The Benefits of Reach

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Future of TV Advertising: The Debate About Decline and Pathways To Growth

Media Company M&A: Catalysts and Consequences

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

ANA’s Programmatic Study, The "Tsunami of Crap" and The Future Of The Open Web

Roku: Reaction to its 2024 Prediction

Meta's >$7bn China-US Cross-Border Ad Revenue Boost

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

NEW US AD FORECAST: Strong Advertising Trends In 3Q23 Indicate Better-Than Expected Full Year 2023 and 2024

In Europe, Google, Meta and Digital Platforms Gain Share of Wallet Vs. TV Advertising, As in US

US Video Spend Up 2.0% in 3Q23 With $ Shifting From Pay TV To Streaming

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

US E-Commerce 3Q23 Sales Growth Up 7.8%, Commerce Media Ad Revenue Up ~23%

Snap, Amazon, the Growing Importance of E-Commerce-Related Advertising and Industry Implications

Dentsu's -6% 3Q23 Decline And An Exploration of Divergent Agency Trends

Ad Tech 3Q23: 17% Revenue Growth. Reviewing Current Trends, Future Opportunities

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Disney FY4Q23/CY3Q23 Results: Ad Trends Better Than Peers; Industry-wide US Pay TV Subs Fall 7%

Warner Bros. Discovery, RTL, ITV, IAC, Ebay, Tegna, Gray, Nexstar, Clear Channel Outdoor, NYT and more 3Q23 Ad Trends

Top 100 Marketer CEO and CFO 3Q23 Commentary

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Fox, Paramount, Sinclair, Roku, BCE, M6, TF1, Pinterest and More 3Q23 Results

Advertising Growth: Driven By Large Businesses, Not SMBs

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Comcast and Amazon Ad Results Show Contrasting Trends For TV and Digital Advertising

Meta's 3Q23: 21% CC Ad Growth Led By Advantage+ and Chinese Advertisers

Agency Holdcos: 2.0% Organic Growth in 3Q23, Led By Media, Offset By Creative. Full Year On Track for 3-4% Expansion

Why TV Advertising Struggles To Grow (And What To Do About It)

Google, Microsoft, Snap and Spotify Validate Expectations for 3Q23 Ad Industry Acceleration

Volte-Face: Challenges in International Streaming for Disney and Viaplay

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

IPG, Havas Post Contrasting Results Illustrating Mixed Trends For Agencies in 3Q23

P&G, L'Oreal and Nestle Earnings: Read-Throughs For Advertising

Netflix Accelerates, Positions Itself to Take More Consumer Spend Share from Traditional Pay TV

Omnicom 3Q23 Headline Organic Growth +3.3%, Most Growth From Principal Trading

Total US TV (Incl. Streaming/CTV) Ad Time To Fall, Estimated 24% Decline Between 2023 and 2027

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Publicis 3Q23 Results Reinforce Positive Expectations for Industry

PepsiCo, LVMH 3Q23 Results: New Data and Commentary From Key Advertisers

Media Agency Survey: Key Trends and Implications for Holdcos

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Amazon Prime Video Ads: Setting Expectations In a World of Diminishing TV Reach. Outdoor and Audio To The Rescue?

3Q23 Ad Tech Trends: Modest Headcount Growth, Double Digit Revenue Expectations = Margin Improvements

3Q23 Agency Trends: Independents Flat, But Largest HoldCos Likely Poised To Grow By More

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Linear TV and Streaming Viewing Shares in 2025

A Stick in My MAU

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Amazon Prime Video Ad-Free: No Change To Long-Term Challenges for Ad-Supported TV

IPG, WPP News on KINESSO, Nexus Illustrate Key Industry Trends

2023 Quarterly Growth Benchmarks for US Advertising

Drivers of Television Consumption and Future Implications

Tech Advertising Category Analysis, Impact on Agency Revenues

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Disney/ABC Divestiture Considerations

US Retail Sales Up 2.9% in August, But Ad Spending By Retailers Likely Up ~5%

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Marketer Commentary From Nestle, Unilever, Mondelez, Colgate, Kimberly-Clark and Clorox

Netflix, Comcast, Warner, Paramount and Charter: Ad-Relevant Issues From This Week's Investor Events

$360 Billion US Ad Industry To Grow 5.0% In 2023, 4.3% In 2024*

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

US E-Commerce Grows 7.7% in 2Q23, Retail Media Up By Much More

An Interview With Richy Glassberg, CEO of Safeguard Privacy

Top 100 Marketer CEO and CFO 2Q23 Commentary

2Q23 Advertising: Digital Up, TV Down. Industry Solid And Positioned to Improve

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Large Agency HoldCos Grew ~3% Organically in 2Q23

Warner Bros. Discovery, P7S1 and BCE Declines Illustrate State of TV Advertising in 2Q23

Delivering on Advertising: Uber, Just Eat and Other Retail-Adjacent Media Take Share of Ad Spend

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

More 2Q23: Packaged Goods Ad Spend Increases Leading Industry Growth, Share Shifts to Digital Continue

More 2Q23 Ad Data: Meta's China-Driven Growth, Comcast, Havas, ITV, JC Decaux and More

Meta's Rapid Ad Growth Trends Suggest Faster-Than Expected Industry-Wide Expansion in 2023

Marketers + Media Owners (Alphabet, LVMH, Microsoft, Unilever, etc.) Generally Posting 2Q23 Growth

Agency Holding Companies: Client Concentration Analysis

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

The French Connection: Publicis Reports 2Q23 While Vivendi Moves On Viaplay

Netflix 2Q23 Results; Readthroughs For Advertising

Omnicom's 2Q23 Results: Growth Decelerates, Principal-Based Trading Leads

Nielsen's The Gauge June 2023 Data: More Streaming Implies Less Ad Reach

Advertising Growth in 2Q23: Positive Early Signs

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

The Medium Is The Mess

John McCain's Dream, Media Industry's Nightmare

An Interview With NBCUniversal’s Krishan Bhatia

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Ad Tech Headcount Growth Slows, But Too Much Focus on Efficiency Could Cede Opportunity

2Q23 Agency Trends: Independents Grew 2% On Difficult Comparables. Largest HoldCos Still Appear On Track for ~4% Growth This Year

Meta's Threads: A Catalyst For Competition in Micro-Blogging?

Total Ad Spend Grows While TV Ad Revenue Declines, Illustrated By General Mills and Corus

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Google's Ad Tech Business Faces More Pressure As EC Issues Statement of Objections

US Retail Sales Up 2.8% in May 2023, Related Ad Spend Likely Up More

US Agency Revenue Forecast And Industry Overview

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Do Ad Budgets Correlate With Marketer Profit Margins? Not Really

Publishing: Is The Best Way To Make A Billion To Start With Two?

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Agencies: Catching Up On Key Industry Financial Trends

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Agencies and AI: Ongoing Investments in People Limit Risks From Technology

Agencies and Principal-Based Trading: New Omnicom Disclosures Help Industry Analysis

Media and Business Demographics

US Audio Ad Revenues Fell -5% in 1Q23; Growth Needs To Emerge Beyond Advertising

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

US Services Spending Up 9.7% During 1Q23, Reflecting Ongoing Growth For Important Advertising Categories

New Netflix Data: Implications For Subscriber and Ad-Free TV Consumption Trends

Emerging Ad Channels Driving Incremental Growth

Out-of-Home Advertising: Top 4 Grew 4.7% Organically in 1Q23, Ongoing Growth to Come

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

Chocolate Industry: A Brief Review of Current Business Trends

Ad Tech Beats Ad Platform Growth, Helped By Digital Media's Complexity

Global Ad Growth Was ~+3% During 1Q23 Despite Difficult Comparables

Top 100 Marketer CEO and CFO 1Q23 Commentary

Pay TV's $100 Billion Funding Source for an Ad-Free Streaming Future

Madison and Wall: Saturday Summary

DoubleVerify: Counter-Points and More Points

Ad Intensity Analysis: Avg. Large Brand Ad Expense/Revenue Ratio = 3%, Profit Margins To Rise In Years Ahead

WGA Strike: Marketers Will Change Ad Strategies Regardless of Duration and Outcome

Madison and Wall: From The Archives, May 2023 Edition

Madison & Wall: Saturday Summary

1Q23 Ad Results From Amazon, Comcast, Snap, TF1 and AtresMedia Continue to Show Overall Digital Growth, TV Decline

Global Agencies Grew ~4% Organically in 1Q23

A Conversation with Roku’s Dan Robbins about the TV Upfronts

Meta's 1Q23 Growth Shows Positive Global Ad Trends, Illustrates Importance of Cross-Border Advertising

Google, Microsoft and Spotify Slow, But Still Grow Ad Businesses in 1Q23

Madison & Wall: Saturday Summary

TV Upfronts: How To Predict Price Changes

Agency Organic Growth Remains Strong in 1Q23

Level-Setting Ad-Supported Streaming Share (But Emphasizing Critical Advantage Of Incremental Reach)

Media Industry Concentration: Detailed List of Largest Sellers of Advertising

Agencies: Top 25 Privately-Held Agencies Decelerated from Double-Digit Growth in 2022 to 4% In 1Q23

Media Industry Concentration and How To Analyze It

Madison and Wall: From The Archives, April 2023 Edition

The Death of TV Advertising: A Brief History and Future Expectations

Tik Tok, Stop?

Streaming Content Cost Analysis: $1 Billion+ Per Percentage Point of US TV Consumption

Digital Advertising: “Year” of Efficiency or “Years” of Efficiency?

The Impact of Inflation On Advertising

Streaming Services: Can Everybody Win?

Economic Growth and Advertising: Downturn? What Downturn?

For Ad Tech, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Recession

Salesforce, Focus and The Pursuit of Opportunities in AdTech and MarTech

Madison and Wall: From The Archives

CPG Trends From CAGNY For Ad Industry

Warner Bros. Discovery’s HBO Max vs. Viaplay

Agencies' Reversal of Fortune Explained

Scale and Growth in Advertising, Media and Technology

CPG and E-Commerce Trends Relevant to Marketers During 4Q22 (Part 2)

The Trade Desk 4Q22 Results: Critiquing Comments on Walled Gardens, Connected TV, Upfronts and More

CPG Advertising + DTC/E-Commerce Trends During 4Q22 (Part 1)

Disney and Fox Streaming And Advertising Trends During 4Q22

Madison and Wall: A Chinese Balloon And The National-Local Advertising Divide

Madison and Wall: Big Tech, Not So Big Ad Growth

Madison and Wall: Meta Read-Throughs For Advertising

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